“In Defense of Futile Causes” in In the Spring of 2017 Martin Roth Published a Selection of His Works. Black Dog Publishing, 2017.



“Animal Art (1987) and the Split Origins of Bioart” in The Routledge Handbook to Biology and Art in Architecture, Routledge/Taylor & Francis Group, 2016



“TR Ericsson: The Impossible Readymade, 2004–2015” in T.R Ericsson. Crackle & Drag. Yale University Press 2015. Exhibition Catalog from Cleveland Museum of Art  “TR Ericsson CRACKLE & DRAG MAY 23 – AUGUST 23, 2015



“[Un]natural Limits: Displacing the Apocalypse” in Mathias Kessler Nowhere to be Found.  Hate Cantz 2015


CrackleandDrag_Catalogue_lores copy

“American Gothic” in TR Ericsson Crackle & Drag: Film Index 2014. Exhibition Catalog from Burlington Arts Center Exhibition “TR Ericsson CRACKLE & DRAG: Film Index,” JANUARY 24 – APRIL 12, 2014



“Interventions” The third-place essay for the 2013 Hannah Arendt Prize.


NG_26_Poster 50x70_A_Krisar-1.ag copy

“Inside-Out” in Anders Krisár, Nordin Gallery, 2012



“Anders Krisár | Camera Lucida | Corpus” in Krisár, Anders, Arnaud Gerspacher, Anders Kreuger, Katie M. Kitama, and Sandhini Poddar.  Anders Krisár.  Stockholm: Orosdi-Back, 2011



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